Covid-19 and Music Lessons

Update: 17th March 2020

We have advised our teachers to take a responsible and sensible approach to self-isolation where needed.

We are taking a similar stance as schools in the area by preparing to make use of the internet to continue what we love doing most (teaching!) The majority of our teachers will be aiming to deliver lessons online via Skype or similar software.

An alternative will be to ask students to record all of their practice in the week for the teacher to listen and provide written encouragement/support, and then set new targets for the following week.

Whilst unconventional, these approaches have been picking up traction in the past couple of years even in the pre-coronavirus era. (That was back in the day when toilet roll was plentiful and taken for granted.) Your teacher will discuss these options with you where necessary and appropriate for the student.

Naturally, online lessons won’t be able to deliver exactly the same content as lessons in-person, but the situation also offers brilliant opportunities for teachers to work on some aspects of learning music that are often sidelined, such as theory.

In cases where an online option is taken, we will be reducing the fee for the lesson by £5 per visit since the teacher will not be spending time/expense travelling to you. These reductions in fees will be credited to you on your following invoice rather than the current one.

In the case of you needing to cancel lessons in order to self-isolate, and where an online option isn’t taken, we will waive the usual requirement for 24-hours needing to be given to cancel lessons — lesson times will instead be made up later on in the year. 

Thanks in advance for your patience, understanding and open-mindedness with the above!