Virtual Concert – Christmas 2020

25 students took part in our virtual Christmas concert this year, which is online now. Congratulations to all students, parents and teachers for their efforts and these brilliant performances!

Lessons In Lockdown

After the first half-term of lessons in lockdown, here’s a little summary of how the enforced switch to online lessons have gone from a teacher’s perspective. Generally, progress has been far better than we might have imagined and in many cases, better than usual for the following reasons: Students on the whole seem better-focused although not specifically because the lessons …

Covid-19 and Music Lessons

Update: 17th March 2020 We have advised our teachers to take a responsible and sensible approach to self-isolation where needed. We are taking a similar stance as schools in the area by preparing to make use of the internet to continue what we love doing most (teaching!) The majority of our teachers will be aiming to deliver lessons online via …

Virtual Concert – May 2019

18 students took part in our fourth annual virtual concert, featuring music from Mozart to The Foo Fighters. Congratulations to all students that took part, and for the many hours that were spent practising!

Virtual Concert June 2017

21 students took part in our annual virtual concert this year, held once more (mostly) at the Guildford Institute. Our talented students got the chance to show off the results of what they’ve achieved so far. If you like what you see, please share and leave likes/comments on YouTube – that always makes our day, especially for students. (Comments are …

Jim Reid – Dancing On My Own

Jim’s finest performance yet. This song was originally written/performed by Robyn but more well known by Callum Scott

Virtual Concert – August 2016

A selection of students filmed at the Guildford Institute in August 2016. 1. Isabelle – Arietta (Clementi) 2. Akshay – Mountain Climbing (John Thompson) 3. Akshay – Spring Symphony (Own Composition) 4. Garry Casey – Nightswimming (R.E.M.) 5. Finlay – Arietta (Clementi) 6. Hayden – I Giorni (Ludovici Einaudi) We hope to see many more students involved at the next …

Jim – The Show Must Go On

Jim has been learning piano for over a year. More recently he has chosen to spend more time on contemporary covers accompanying himself singing. Here he performs a fantastic rendition of a Queen classic.