Privacy Policy

Purpose and Objectives for Keeping Data

We collect data as to aid us in providing the best service possible to you:

  1. To contact you regarding teaching services and connecting you to an appropriate tutor
  2. To send through correspondence regarding payments, terms of agreement, and alert you of any scheduling issues, or discuss matters related to education and student progress
  3. To inform you of opportunities for students that may be of interest, including (but not limited to) concerts, performances, events and promotions

We will not share your information with other 3rd party organisations without your express permission

Contact details (name/address/phone/e-mail/age) will be shared to any tutor that is organised to visit a student, as well as any information that would help a tutor plan and prepare lessons.


What information is collected?

Individuals’ contact details (name/address/phone/email/age); detail of instrument/voice and standard; involvement and scheduling of concerts; lesson scheduling; payments made and due.


Who collects it?

Staff members (data processors) on behalf of GMS (data controller)


How is it collected, and how stored?

Data is stored electronically on a database on local hard drives and an encrypted cloud service. Where relevant, hard copy correspondence may be stored securely where received.


Why it collected, and how is it used?

To enable, and to provide clients with, efficient administration and communication of lessons, concerts, events; to compile statistics as required. Personal information for students on our waiting list will be removed after three years. Personal information for Students who have terminated their agreements and paid any monies due will be removed five years after the termination of the agreement. This excludes information that may be required to be retained for legal and statutory requirements.


Who will information be shared with?

No one externally, except to contracted tutors to attend lessons and as may be required legally by government or law enforcement agencies and tax authorities


What will be the effect of this on the individual concerned?  

The opportunity to remain in contact with GMS, to communicate and to receive up-to-date information about our activities


Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

No. Individuals have the right to request to view, to update, and to request removal of information at any time by contacting


Cookies on our Website

We use Google Analytics cookies on our website to help us monitor user numbers and identify issues with our website. No personal or identifying information is attached to the cookie.

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